Vinyl Pedicab Wrap

Your custom advertisement covers our pedicabs and opens eyes wherever we go. Pedicabs traveling in groups magnify your message and create successive impressions.

Field Marketing

We deliver your message along with samples, brochures, or other promotional materials. These can often be distributed while a pedicab is stationary or made visible to passengers while they take a ride.

Dedicated Ride Service

Sponsor free rides to an event or transport passengers to your corporate function, retail location, or other point of interest. We love holiday parties!

Brand Sponsorship

Outfit pedicab drivers with your shirts or costumes and bring your campaign to life. Creativity is encouraged!

Corporate Team Building

Use pedicabs to strengthen your teams! Our drivers can lead expeditions or we can train your team to drive the pedicabs to staff your own special events!

Custom Pedicab

Our pedicabs are transformed into custom vehicles to make an impression that is truly one of a kind!

Have ideas of your own? Want some of ours? We love to partner with brands to create custom campaigns. Get in touch and we'll get rolling.

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